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Royal Australian Navy - Chaplain

Join a ministry without borders, looking after the welfare, and religious and spiritual wellbeing of Navy members and their families.

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Graduate Job

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Applications Open
4 Jan 2021
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31 Jan 2021

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Accepting International Applications
Qualifications Accepted
Theology & Comparative Religion

Your role:

The Navy is committed to providing opportunities and facilities for Navy members to practice their religion, and provide them and their families with spiritual support.

You'll enter the Navy as an ordained minister / religious leader in your faith group. As such you will be responsible to your faith group authorities and remain committed to the faith group traditions.

In this pastoral care role, you're a part of a holistic team, working with Chaplains and pastoral careers from other faith groups. You will seek to minister to all Navy members and their families, this means serving where Navy's people are - both at sea and ashore.

In addition to providing worship opportunities and pastoral care, you'll have character development responsibilities in the training of all personnel.

Life in the Navy:

A career in the Navy is a challenging and highly rewarding working environment that comes with good work/life balance, competitive salary and skills for life. You can expect to feel a unique sense of accomplishment and pride from serving and protecting our country and helping to keep our vast coastlines safe.

Life in the Navy is anything but mundane. You'll enjoy varied lifestyles, rewarding careers, opportunities to travel, and excellent social and fitness facilities, free medical and dental; all in a dynamic and fulfilling working environment.

Don't worry, it's not all life at sea—there's more to the Navy than ships, submarines and helicopters. Some days, you might be exploring exciting new countries with your fellow crewmates. Other days, you could be stationed locally not too far from home.


Upon completion of your initial military and initial employment training, you'll enjoy a competitive starting salary package from $99,950 including service and uniform allowances. You will also receive a Maritime Allowance when serving on ships.

In addition to your salary, you will receive generous superannuation, housing subsidies and free medical and dental care.

Apply Now:

For this role, you must be an Australian Citizen and under 56 years of age on day of entry. You will need to hold a Bachelor's Degree in Theology/Ministry or equivalent, and at least two full years of pastoral care experience since ordination or equivalent. Chaplains also require faith group endorsement from the appropriate member of the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services.

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