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King & Wood Mallesons - Frequently Asked Questions

Employer Insight

Do clerks and graduates get to choose the areas of law they want to work in?

Yes – we attempt to align preferences with needs of the firm for both Summer Clerk and Graduate positions.

Does KWM support the community?

Our firm is proud of the ongoing contribution that we make to the community. KWM in the Community is a multi-faceted, national integrated strategy that uses the skills of our lawyers and non-lawyers. We donate money and volunteer our time. As a firm, we have defined our specific charitable targets as being to: 

  • help children and young people at risk
  • help alleviate poverty and improve community welfare.

What sport and social opportunities do you have for staff?

Many Graduates tell us one of the main reasons they joined the firm was the people. We work hard together but we also enjoying spending time with each other outside the office. Each centre has social and sporting committees to help organise a wide range of activities for staff to enjoy, from themed Friday night drinks, bootcamp to yoga and pilates. We also have a multitude of sporting teams including soccer, basketball, netball and cricket.  

Will KWM continue to grow its international footprint?

Our ambition is to be a global elite firm headquartered in Asia. This means that we will consider opportunities for adding additional capability and offices over time, whether in the form of another combination or through organic growth. 

Are Chinese language skills seen as an advantage?

Languages aren’t a prerequisite, but if you are applying to one of our Australian or UK offices Mandarin would certainly be valued.  In our Hong Kong or China offices Mandarin is preferred.

What is King & Wood Mallesons looking for?

  • Learning agility – the international legal landscape is changing every day. We need people who demonstrate personal flexibility and an openness to dealing with change. This includes maintaining a positive attitude and managing performance in the face of ambiguity or uncertainty. You will need to think quickly, learn fast and adapt well to changing demands or circumstances.
  • Broad perspective – we are growing the international law firm of the future. We seek out people with diverse perspectives who through challenger thinking help to create new insights and innovative opportunities across our global network.
  • Team work - we operate as one family, one firm working together and supporting each other across cultures. We want people who build relationships and rapport with others through emotional intelligence and a collaborative working style.
  • Intellectual curiosity - to us, intelligence is not measured by your GPA. We want deep thinkers who seek out information and diverse views to reach a practical and efficient solution to business problems.
  • Results orientation – a track record of achievement and performance in life, not just your academic career. We are looking for talented individuals who, through commitment and resilience, have demonstrated their ability to identify and achieve stretch goals.
  • Client centricity – we work in our client’s worlds and partner with them to achieve their business goals. We need people who can stand in the shoes of the client and experience it from their perspective. You need to have a genuine interest in the client and understand their needs to deliver an exceptional service.

Our people are what makes the firm great. We recruit broadly and not to a set formula. It’s important to get to know the real you during the recruitment process. Here are some practical tips and information to stand out:  

  • Make it real – give us a sense of who you are, what you’ve achieved and what you’re about 
  • Use clear and plain English.  Be succinct.  It’s the first time KWM gets to see your written communication 
  • Use practical examples - avoid generalising
  • Answer the question – don’t go off on a tangent  
  • Avoid repeating yourself
  • Start early and give yourself time to work out what you want to say